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Sunday School: 9:15 AM​
Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM (Available @ Noon Live on Facebook)
Weds. Prayer Service: 6:30 PM
Weds. Youth Bible Study: 6:30 PM
Weds. Bible Study: 7:00 PM​​​​​
Sat. Choir Rehearsal: 11 AM
3rd Saturday of the month Laymen's Meeting: 8:00 AM

3rd Saturday of the month Usher's Meeting 10:00 AM

4th Saturday of the month Evangelism Meeting 10:00 AM

Prayer Line Monday-Friday: 6:30AM 605-475-2090 (3163416#)
Any additional services will be announced on our event tab and Facebook page

ZOOM with us Wednesday/Sunday 888-788-0099 (984-548-6509)

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